5 Warning Signs Your Roof is Failing

Numerous warning signs can help you to know that your roof is failing. However, you must take note of these signs and replace your roof quickly because any delay can compromise the structural integrity of your home and destroy some belongings.

To help homeowners take care of their roof, this article will explain 5 warning signs your roof is failing.

1. Water damage inside the house

Sometimes, you don’t need to go over your roof to see the warning signs of a failing roof. You just need to check the interior part of your home for stains, water spots, or streaks on the furniture, walls, ceiling, or attic.

If you don’t attend to the issue on time, it could lead to several other costly problems. These problems could include electrical hazards or malfunctioning appliances. Therefore, interior water damage is an important warning sign of a failing roof.

2. Damaged shingles

When your shingles are physically damaged, you should note that your roof is already failing. The damage can come in different forms such as missing shingles, cracked shingles, missing granules, discoloration around vents, and curled shingles. In addition, check the gutters around your house to see if the missing shingles are there.

To confirm the damage, call a residential roofing contractor to check your roof. The extent of the damage will determine the solution.

3. Mould growth

If your roof is in good condition, mould and mildew shouldn’t be able to grow on the ceilings or walls. So, whenever you see these houseplants growing on the interior of your home, it could be a warning sign that your roof is failing.

However, other issues can cause mould growth. Poor ventilation, wet insulation, and leaky plumbing lines or bathroom fixtures are possible causes you should be aware of.

4. Compromised roof structure

Is the roof of your home sagging or drooping? If yes, the roof is failing. The compromised roof structure can be a major safety concern for your house because such a sagging or drooping roof can collapse. Imagine the level of damage that it can lead to.

Besides, if the roof structure is compromised, moisture can be easily trapped inside your roof. This will destroy the ceiling as well as the wiring of the house. So, don’t allow compromised roof structures to destroy your home; call a seasoned residential roofing contractor now to check your roof.

5. Old age

Old age is the fifth warning sign that can assist you to know that your roof is failing. If installed and maintained properly, your roof can last for a long period. While the lifespan of a metal roof is around 70 years, a shingle roof should be replaced after about 25 years. So, if your roof is close to or has already exceeded its lifespan, you should understand that it is failing and must be replaced.

If you have noticed any of these warning signs, your roof is failing and needs replacement. For a proper and reliable roof replacement, you need to hire a professional residential roofing contractor to help you.