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Initial Meeting & Consultation
We will schedule a meeting with you to officially meet and assess your situation. In order for us to represent you properly, we must understand your current situation. It is important for us to know your goals and help you determine an appropriate action plan.
Determine Your Budget
We will help you determine your budget and the best financing option so you have a good idea of how you will purchase your next home before you get too committed to looking. There are many sources of financing including traditional banks, mortgage brokers and other creative financing options.
Start the Search
Now that we have determined the type of home you’re looking for, your budget and the location, this is when most of the excitement really starts to happen.

We will identify the potential properties based on your criteria during the initial meeting. This will make the process of buying a new home easier and less stressful for you, saving you the headache from viewing hundreds of homes and getting discouraged.
Prepare an Offer
Once we have found a home that suit your goals, the next step is to prepare and present an offer.

There are several steps that have to be taken when we prepare the offer. These steps include: researching sold comparable and assessing to current market condition, terms, conditions, deposits, price, the offer presentation and acceptance procedure.
Satisfy Conditions
When the offer has been accepted, it is time to proceed with satisfying your conditions. This process typically involves arranging and performing a home inspection and getting all of your personal information and the property information to your mortgage broker or bank.

As your real estate agent, we play a huge role in gathering this information and making the arrangement to ensure the process continues to run smoothly. When the information has been verified, a decision to proceed or not proceed is made and we will provide an appropriate written notice to the seller and their agent. When the conditions are removed, the sale is considered “firm” and the property will be marked “sold.”
Prepare for Possession
Typical possession of your new home takes approximately 30-60 days. However, it can be much quicker and smoother when the following items are completed as efficiently as possible: lawyers, down payment, movers, insurance, utilities and mailing address change.

We are here to help make this step as simply and smoothly as possible.
Move in Day
One or two days prior to possession, we will meet at your new property to complete a thorough walk through of your new home.

During this time, we will look around the home and make sure that everything is as it was agreed upon in the purchase agreement. We will look for typical things such as: damages from moving, making sure all included fixtures and chattels mentioned are functional.
If we find any problems, we will notify the lawyers immediately before the keys officially change hands. If there is a problem, keys will still change hands, but the seller is responsible for taking reasonable action to provide a solution to the problem. If the seller fails to provide a solution, the seller is in breach of the contract and we can pursue legal remedies.
Congratulations! You’ve now moved into your new home!
Within a few days, you will receive a follow up call from us to ensure things are in order.
You might have a couple of questions for us, so make sure you write them down.

Finding Your Next Home

You need someone who knows the area inside and out! I can work with you to find the right home at the right price for you, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter – not to mention the essential criteria you have for your ideal home. We highly encourage a buyer consultation at the start of our journey so we can fully understand your needs and wants in your dream home within your budget and location.






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