How to Check Your Windows for Damage

Checking windows for damage is a very important step to avoid any future problems that may arise. By noticing the signs of window damage, you can save yourself plenty of time, trouble and money! A lot of people are unsure about what constitutes window damage, so here’s a list to help you decipher if you need window replacement or not.

1) Cracks in the Window Glass

Cracks and scratches anywhere on your window glass could mean that there’s internal damage present or it could have already gone through one repair process before and the fix did not hold up. In either case, professional assistance will be necessary to resolve this issue.

2) Cracked or Missing Window Seals

A seal is what keeps water out and energy efficient air in. It is most evident when rain water starts dripping in through the window frame, or when heat and cold start coming through in certain areas around the window. The seal may need to be re-done or replaced entirely, depending on how severe it is.

3) Damage to Window Frames

A damaged window frame could mean that your windows are unable to open or close properly, which would bring about bigger problems like increased energy costs and bad insulation for your home. You should check if any screws, nails or brackets have come apart from the wall as well. If you see signs of rusting on screws and nails, this could indicate a lack of upkeep and that your window has not been properly protected from the elements.

4) Rotting Wood

Rotting window frames could mean that the seal may have broken, allowing more water to enter your home. If left unattended for too long, this can lead to structural problems and costly repairs. An expert would need to assess what has gone wrong with the frame before any solutions can be implemented.

5) Old Hardware

Hardware like locks and latches can wear down over time. Do not attempt to replace them yourself unless you know exactly what you’re doing as they are safety devices that should only ever be installed by a professional who knows how one is supposed to work properly in keeping your windows secure at all times. This helps avoid accidents like young kids getting out of windows or preventing burglars from breaking in through your window!