What happens if you don’t get your ducts cleaned?

Regular duct cleaning is crucial to the air quality in your home and the health conditions of your family members. Air duct cleaning offers several benefits, which can be missed if you do not clean your ducts at the right time. There are indeed consequences for not cleaning your air ducts.

Do you want to know what happens if you do not get your ducts cleaned? Read further to know what may be the result of not cleaning your ducts.

1. Accumulation of Contaminants in the Ductwork

When you do not carry out air duct cleaning, this gives contaminants to accumulate and build up in the ductwork. Contaminants, such as pets dander, dust mites, rodent waste and remains, mould, and mildew, will undoubtedly grow or accumulate in the air ducts, making poor the air quality and causing diverse allergies.

2. Breathing Issues

One of the consequences of not getting your ducts cleaned is having difficulties breathing. You or your family members may find it harder to breathe easily due to the contaminants that build up in the ductwork. The contaminants will end up blown into every room in the house, causing almost everyone in the home to have breathing or respiratory problems because the contaminants you breathe in will interfere with your lungs’ functions over time.

3. Fatigue

Not getting your ducts cleaned may be the reason for the unexplained or mysterious fatigue that you or other members of your family are experiencing. Medical tests may not reveal the major cause of the fatigue, but the cause may be the exposure to contaminants that lurk in your air ducts and home. If you find yourself in this situation, get a specialist to get your ducts cleaned as soon as possible. Air duct cleaning may be the solution to perennial fatigue.

4. Dry and Itchy Skin

Another thing that happens when you missed air duct cleaning in your home over several months is dry skin that results in itchy skin. Exposure to contaminants can cause the collagen in your skin to get broken down easily. Over time, dry skin can lead to itchy skin. Although you can keep moisturizing your skin to minimize the impact of these contaminants on your skin, call for air duct cleaning services immediately.

5. Sinus Issues

Your nose may be stuffy or runny without an identifiable cause. It may be the result of not getting your ducts cleaned up. The condition may be caused by allergies or exposure to contaminants. This condition will unarguably cause endless sneezing, sniffling, and blowing of the nose.


The above are some of what happens when you ignore duct cleaning in your home. Contact a reputable HVAC contractor to clean your air ducts to avoid the issues discussed above.