5 Steps to Choosing Window Replacement 

The windows in your home affect the way your home looks, affect your energy consumption, affect your home’s security as well as your comfort in your home. So, when it comes time to change your windows, some serious thought needs to be put into the project, or else you may end up with an unwanted look, feel, and function. To ensure you are satisfied with your new windows, we put together these 5 steps to choosing replacement windows.

5 Steps to Choosing Window Replacement 

  • Frame Material

Vinyl window frames are probably the most popular frames used today, but that doesn’t mean it is your only choice. You can choose from wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite frames. Each frame material varies in their quality, lifespan, cost, energy efficiency, maintenance, and the style of the window they can be used for. Vinyl is so popular because it offers a rugged material that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective.   

  • Glass Type

You may feel that the glass in your new windows just provides you with the opportunity to see outside your home. But your glass has a much bigger role. The type of glass you choose will dictate how energy efficient your windows will be. You have the choice between two pieces or three pieces of glass (double or triple pane), you can add a Low-E coating and you can even choose to fill the space between the glass with Argon gas. As you add each of these features your new windows, you will also help reduce your energy bills. 

  • Window Style

The style of window you choose will also dictate how or if the window will open or close. There are several different options to choose from that include slider, casement, double-hung, bay, bow, and picture. Consider the space each window is located to help you choose which window style will look and function best.

  • Aesthetics 

The way your windows look will ultimately influence your home’s appeal, choosing the right colour to match your home is important. Just remember when choosing a colour, it is best to go with a neutral shade rather than a bright unique window colour. Having blue framed windows may be your style, but it could detour potential buyers if you plan on selling down the road. You can also choose if you want your windows to have muntins, rot iron inserts, or leave the plane glass. 

  • Installers

A window’s performance and quality will only be as good as its installation. Complete your due diligence when it comes to choosing a window replacement contractor, make sure to look at their online reviews, look into the team’s experience and tenure, and ask about workmanship warranties. 

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