5 Common Problems With Boilers

Boilers usually break down when we bring them back to life after a long time such as putting it on idle mode throughout the summers. As the source of hot water and heating, every Canadian home needs a boiler, especially in winters.

To ensure that your boiler is in top health, you need to have annual maintenance which can also prevent it from bigger breakdowns.

5 Common Problems With Boilers

While there are a few simple checks you can do to identify what is going on with your boiler, however, we would recommend you to avoid fixing the problem by yourself and get in touch with your boiler service provider to prevent the issue from worsening.

Here are a few common boiler problems you may run into:

1. Issues with the Thermostat

If your thermostat is switching the heating on/off when it isn’t supposed to or it has lost its accuracy, you may need a new thermostat to be installed. You need to check if it is positioned correctly and all the settings are accurately done. 

2. Kettling

This is an unusual noise from your boiler and pipes that might sound like a boiling kettle. Sludge build-up or limescale can cause water flow obstruction resulting in water overheating. This produces steam, hence, creating a kettling sound. Kettling makes your boiler work hard that may shorten its life or cause a breakdown.

3. Leaking and Dripping

There can be many reasons that can cause a leak in the boiler. In order to determine the underlying cause, you need to check the location of the leakage. The internal components such as the pump seal or the pressure valve of the boiler can also break down which is the most common cause of the boiler leak. If it is caused by any of the internal component breakdowns, they need to be replaced by your boiler service agency.

4. Losing Pressure

Another cause of poor functioning of your boiler is when the boiler pressure drops too low. Make sure you check the pressure gauge of the boiler. 

5. Boiler keeps switching off

The reason behind your boiler switching itself off could be because of its low pressure, restriction in water flow, or a faulty pump blockage in the system caused by low water pressure. 

These problems can be diagnosed by you, however, in some instances, you need a professional to rectify the issue when the damage is beyond self-repair.

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