What Questions Should I Ask a Roofing Contractor?

Regardless of where you stay, there are always tons of roofing contractors you can use their services. This often makes it difficult for you to choose one that can take care of your roofing needs. To help you choose a roofing contractor, here are some important questions you must ask a roofer.

What Questions Should I Ask a Roofing Contractor?Are you licensed?

Since it is mandatory for roofers to obtain a license before offering services to people in some states or provinces, you must ask this question. As a thumb rule, don’t hire any roofer that doesn’t have a license if it is required. 

How long have you been offering this service?

Years of experience can play a key role in determining the trustworthiness and quality of services you can get from a roofer. A roofing contractor with over 20 years of experience will probably offer a better service than another roofer with only 6 months of experience. Therefore, you should inquire about the experience.

What does your insurance cover?

There are different types of insurance with a wide range of coverage. Be sure that the insurance covers both general liability and workman’s compensation. General liability covers any damage to your property whereas workman’s compensation for taking care of any injured employees as they work on your house.

Can you provide some references?

Any roofer can tell you they are the best you can get in town but this may not be true. So, don’t take their word for it; ask them to give you references of people they have offering roofing services to in the past.

How do you protect my belongings?

If you are already living in the home, you probably have a well-manicured lawn, landscaping, flowers, gutters, furniture, and so on. These items must be protected as the roofer works on your roof. So, you need to get an assurance of their ability to protect these items.

What does the warranty cover?

A standard warranty must cover the workmanship, duration, and materials used. However, you need to ask this question to be certain before hiring the services of any roofer. If the warranty of a roofing contractor doesn’t cover the aforementioned things, you should consider this as a red flag.

Do you handle the project yourself or hire subcontractors?

A few roofing contractors give their roofing projects to subcontractors. This can lower the quality of service in some instances. So, it is advisable to avoid any company that outsources to subcontractors.

Do you offer post-service cleaning?

Roofing involves lots of nailing and other activities; hence, it is not strange that lots of nails and other items may fall into different places in your property. Sadly, this can lead to a plethora of problems for you and other individuals in your home. Therefore, you must inquire whether the contractor will clean doorways, paths, and other areas after delivering their services.

When will my project be completed?

After describing the scope of your roofing needs, a roofer should be able to give you the estimated time for completing the project. Is the estimated completion time suitable for your needs? Is it not too long since roofing may cause noise pollution in the neighborhood? These are important questions that must be answered.

Once you get satisfactory answers to these questions, hiring a roofing contractor should be easy.

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