How Do I Know If My Windows Are Good Quality?

As a homeowner, the thoughts of having faulty windows is quite disturbing. Besides the time invested in monitoring window replacement projects, the ever-rising cost of renovation as the more necessitated the need to know for sure whether your windows are of good quality or not before embarking on replacing them. Listed below are 5 signs that will help you ascertain for sure whether your windows are of good quality or not:

How Do I Know If My Windows Are Good Quality?

1. Noise Cancellation

Poor quality windows aren’t sound proof. When you have one of these in your home, your quality of life can quickly depreciate. Windows made from quality material (double or triple pane glass windows) and installed properly provide maximum protection from noise coming from the environment. So no matter how noisy your neighborhood maybe, if your windows are of good quality, it should decrease to a large extent the amount of noise that gets into your home.

2. Absence Of Draft

If you feel breeze coming into your home even when your windows are locked, the pocket of air is most likely a draft coming from a particular window. Drafty windows could be as a result of poor weather-stripping or seal. Whichever the case may be, the presence of draft indicates your window is of poor quality. Once you observe this, you should consider having a window replacement.

3. Frame Quality

If your window frames feel soft when touched and easily chip off after some time, it is likely the materials are of low quality. Good quality windows made from materials like fiberglass, vinyl and recycled aluminum are water resistant. This characteristic amongst other things prevent them from rot attack and sagging due to water infiltration into the window material.

4. Ease Of Closing, Opening And Locking

Most homeowners often ask the question “what should I look out for when buying new windows?”. One of the key answers experts provide is the ease of closing, opening and locking the window. This is a major feature of good quality windows. When you start having a hard time closing or opening your window, this can only mean your window is of low quality and you should look to have it replaced as soon as possible.

5. Low Energy Bill

Good quality windows can have a great impact on your energy bill. The insulating feature of energy efficient windows decreases the amount of heat that is lost to the environment from your home. This in turn increases the efficiency of your HVAC system which causes a drop in your monthly energy bill. So if you notice a sudden surge in your energy bill, you should definitely check if your windows are properly insulated or energy efficient.

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