Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Signs it's Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows are the most vulnerable to outside weather conditions. They are also the most significant when it comes to proper home insulation and heat retention. Besides complementing the style of your home windows protect us from UV damage, maintain desired indoor temperatures and determine the quality of air breeze.

If one of these function starts to degrade, it can mean a great deal to your health and security; and window replacement is the only way you can prevent further damage from happening. Here are the most common warning signs it’s time to replace your windows:

1. Age & Maintenance

As humans, windows age too. Their lifespans depend on material and amount of maintenance. If you haven’t been cleaning your windows regularly or if they are older than 25, consider replacing them with new and more technologically advanced ones. Aluminum windows last to maximum 18 years, wooden to 25 and vinyl even up to 40.

2. Cracks & Rot

The biggest disadvantage of wooden windows is their vulnerability to moisture which results in severe cracks, leaks and rot. If the frame starts to crack, it can lead to sealant breaking even causing gas leakage and condensation between your window panes – reducing insulation qualities to a minimum and increasing the energy bills to a max.

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3. High Energy Bills

So if your windows aren’t functioning well, the first thing you’ll notice is a slight rise in the energy bills. Proper and healthy windows are able to retain heat inside, liberating you from the need to constantly turn on the heating or cooling systems. Quality windows can reduce the energy bill down to 15% while also providing you with comfort and security.

4. Humidity & Mold

Another thing low-quality or old windows can do is increase humidity levels which with time will most definitely result in mold growth and pesticide infestations. Mold can also occur if your windows are frequently leaking because of loose operating systems or broken parts.

5. Faded Furniture

The easiest way to determine if your window glass needs replacing is by noticing if the furniture around the windows has started to fade. Damaged glass won’t be able to protect the home from UV damage. It won’t absorb the hazardous rays and it will let them pass through and right into your home.

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