Is it Time to Upgrade From a Condo to a House?


Living in a condo has several benefits that not only makes life comfortable but also helps you save on diverse expenses. A condo saves you the stress of maintaining and cleaning a large area of space, even rooms that you do not use. In a condo, you do not have a yard to maintain and maintaining the exterior is none of your business-what a relief!

The list of positives of condo ownership are endless. However, you get to a point that you need to upgrade from a condo to a house.

Below are a few of signs that tell you it is time for you to upgrade from a condo to a house:

1. Need for Privacy

In a complex comprising of multiple units, the entire exterior area belongs to everyone and nobody can lay claim on any property outdoors. When you feel the need to have your own garden, put your own outdoor furniture, and enjoy a backyard with your family, you should start planning how to purchase a house.

2. The Size of Your Space

Condos are an ideal situation for singles, couples and families with young children. But if you’re in a situation where the family is starting to grow, both in quantity and age, you will soon notice the space will become an issue. This is usually a clear sign that it is time to upgrade to something bigger.

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3. Need for a Workshop, Shed or a Garage

If you have to work on a project that cannot be done indoors, like spray painting or sanding for example, you will have difficulty doing it in a condo. Moreover, if you have a storage unit with your condo that you find inconvenient to get to, this might be a good time to consider an upgrade to a house.

4. The Desire for a Real Garden

Maintenance of the lawn or outdoor area does not concern you when you are living in a condo, but you are also restricted to plant a garden. If you want to own an area to yourself for gardening in your backyard, hidden from the prying eyes, it is time to upgrade to a house.

5. Tired of the Garbage Chute

You understand how difficult it is to throw out a bag of trash in a condo, you have to drag it all the way to the end of the corridor to the dumpster. You know how unpleasant the sight of a dumpster is when it overflows and garbage gets piled around it. If you are tired of the garbage chute, it might be time to consider a house.

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