What Are 3 Types Of Windows And Their Functionalities

Replacement windows and doors come in different types with each offering different functionalities. If you are searching for the right type of replacement windows for your home, considering their functionalities, read this write-up to the end.
Here are the three types of windows and their functionalities:

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows have crank mechanisms used for opening and closing them. They swing open to provide maximum ventilation. The crank mechanism at the bottom of the windows makes operating them easy and hassle-free. Besides, the windows are highly energy-efficient and best suited for maximum ventilation. As a result, the best type of window you should consider if you need great ventilation in your home or any room in the building is the casement window.

2. Picture Windows

These are fixed windows that do not open. They are large windows typically designed to provide a great view of the outdoors. They can be designed with metal grids inset of the windows or left bare if the metal grids are considered to obstruct the view slightly. This type of window is installed in a permanent space where natural light is required. However, picture windows cannot provide ventilation. Meanwhile, they provide improved energy efficiency.

3. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows come with two sashes that can be opened at the same time to provide great ventilation. The top windows can be opened while the bottom is left latched for safety purposes if you have children or pets in the home. The sashes can either be hinged or be made in a tilting style. However, if both sashes are on a sliding model, they cannot be opened at the same time.

The Functionalities of The Windows

The following are the functionalities of the three types of windows discussed above:

1. Airtight Seal Against Drafts

Casement windows are sealed and air-tight, enhancing the energy efficiency of the home. They prevent drafts or air leaks from and into the home. The effect of this is low costs of energy. Awning windows are also perfectly sealed like casement windows.

2. Plenty of Natural Ventilation

Casement windows and double-hung windows are suitable for great ventilation in the home. If you are searching for the best replacement windows and doors for ventilation purposes in your home, consider installing either casement or double-hung windows.

3. Natural Light

All three replacement windows above are best suited for letting natural light into the house. This will reduce the need for artificial lighting in your home or room. Thus, saving on electricity used for lighting.

4. Safety and Security

Considering the need for protection against burglars, the above three types of windows are suitable, once closed and locked. However, double-hung windows are perfect for protecting your kids and pets from accidents.


Think about the functionalities of the replacement windows and doors discussed above when looking for the right replacement windows for your home. Remember that these windows come in different materials, which impact their energy efficiency and aesthetics. However, their functionalities also matter.