Can You Do Stamped Concrete In A Basement Walkout?

When it comes to stamped concrete, many people have heard of the process but aren’t sure what materials are involved. It is manufactured by using a mixture of cement and acrylic polymers that give stamped concrete its textured, stone-like appearance. Stamped concrete replicates the look of cut stone, brick or even natural slate at an affordable cost. If you are considering stamped concrete for your exterior surfaces, be aware there are some limitations on stamped concrete around basements.

As with any material, stamped concrete has advantages and disadvantages. A walkout basement offers more benefits than drawbacks; however, there are also issues regarding stamped concrete near walkouts that should be considered before taking on this project. When plan your stamped concrete installation around a walkout basement, use these five tips to maximize your stamped concrete’s potential.

The Benefits of a Walkout Basement in a Home

A walkout basement offers several benefits. First, if you have a sloped yard , the addition of a stamped concrete patio walking out from the house provides an outdoor space that is level with the rest of your yard. Second, depending on your home’s design and construction, it allows for additional storage space. Finally, stamped concrete around a walk-out looks great and adds value to any home.

Though stamped concrete can work well near walkouts, there are some important things to consider before beginning this project. These include: Weather conditions, size of stamped concrete in relation to walkout, Amount of foot traffic around stamped concrete.

Weather conditions

If you are considering stamped concrete installation, be aware that stamped concrete is very susceptible to freeze/thaw cycles. This means the stamped concrete will become loose or shift during freezing periods when water seeps into any cracks in your stamped concrete. To prevent the cracking and lifting of stamped concretes, it is important to keep proper drainage away from your home’s foundation, including downspouts at least 6′ from the foundation. Also, when designing stamped concrete for a walkout near a basement area , you must consider how weather temperatures will affect the area as well as your new stamped concrete. Weatherproofing your basement is necessary if you expect stamped concrete to last for years, but is not something that should be done during the stamped concrete installation process.

Size of stamped concrete in relation to walkout

When considering stamped concrete installation near a basement or any other area with limited space, you must consider the size of your stamped concrete project. While most people don’t think twice about stamped concrete projects being too small, it’s important not to let this detail slip past you. Stamped concrete installed around walkouts will be especially susceptible to sinking or cracking if your stamped concrete area doesn’t allow for proper drainage and settling.

Amount of foot traffic around stamped concrete

Finally, when designing stamped concretes around a new patio or walkout, you want to take into account how many people will be walking around your stamped concrete area. Harsh foot traffic can lead to problems with stamped concrete, especially if it is not designed for a high volume of people.

As you can see, stamped concrete in a basement walkout may seem like a good idea at first, but you must weigh the benefits before taking on this project. If you follow these tips when considering stamped concretes near walkouts, your stamped concretes will last longer and look better for years to come.