Things to consider when renovating a condo

Living in a condo might seem like a limitation to your design options but, you don’t have to restrict yourself to minimalist tastes, if that’s not your thing. Despite the fact that it is typically smaller than a regular apartment, you can definitely have a condo renovation by optimizing the living area with a few tasteful options and adding some rearrangement to the space. Wondering where to start? Well, here are a few things to consider when renovating a condo!

1.Does your landlord agree?

The first thing you need to consider before making any condo renovation plans is approval from the property owner. Some landlords don’t want extensive renovations, such as construction or paint jobs, to happen on their properties because it might affect their rent rates or for other personal reasons. Without the go-ahead from your landlord, after providing them with the necessary information about your plans, any condo renovation attempts you make might be futile and could get you in legal trouble.

2.How much space is available?

Next thing to consider is the available space in the condo. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the floor space is same as the available space. Places like the kitchen area and bathrooms don’t count for space optimization. Instead, consider how you can move furniture around in your living room or bedroom to create more space for your renovation plans.

3.What can go into external storage?

Once you have the landlord’s approval and you know the areas you can optimize for space, you need to figure out how much stuff you can move out of the condo to create more space for your design, if needed. Your moving boxes and travel baggage, for instance, can be moved into temporary storage to create space for a shoe rack or workstation in your room. Items that you use seasonally can also be moved out while you renovate the condo.

4.What is your budget?

Another important thing to guide your condo renovation is the budget you have for your plans. From painting to equipment and décor, there are things you may need to spend money on, including the cost of hiring a professional for any aspect of your plans that requires one. With a budget, you can streamline your design options and truly get the best results from your condo renovation without aching for the amount spent on renovation expenses.

5.Do you have the right contractor?

After taking careful consideration to design your renovation plans alongside the approval of your landlord and the space you have, it is crucial that you find the right contractor for any construction, replacement, or removal you need to do. Having professional help is always a good idea for any form of renovation but when it comes to condo renovation, you have to be sure that the contractor has experience working in small spaces so you can get your desired outcome. Ask the contractor the right questions and look at their portfolio of past jobs to be sure that you are matched correctly.

Condo renovation can be fun if you have all the details noted down to perfection. Enjoy the exciting experience of recreating your space with style and comfort!