What Questions should I ask my Roofing Company?

Considering replacing or repairing your roof? Are you preparing to talk with a shortlisted metal roofing company for your house? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you need to ask them few important questions about your project. 

Like many homeowners, you might be also in a fix about asking the right questions to your roofing company. Asking the right questions to your roofing company will help you in choosing the best one for your project.

So, eager to learn more about the questions to ask your roofing contractor. 

What Questions should I ask my Roofing Company?Do you have Insurance and Licensing coverage?

The first question you need to ask your roofing company is about their insurance and licensing coverage. All roofing companies need to register their business with their respective state board’s licensing council. The same goes for insurance coverage. You need to ask them about whether they are providing you with proper insurance coverage or not. Avoid hiring a company without a proper license and insurance coverage for your project. Moreover, never hesitate to ask them to see those documents physically. Good metal roofing companies will show you all the paperwork happily. 

Do you Provide Service Locally?

During the selection process, it is important to ask the roofing company do they provide service to your local area. Ask the roofing company about the physical address of their company and also do take down their office phone number. This will give you an idea about the physical existence of the metal roofing company. It will also enable you to visit them when necessary or when you are facing problems with your roof. Moreover, good roofing companies will always follow local codes and regulations. Also, local roofing companies will follow the correct guidelines, appropriate paperwork that falls under your state. 

How many years of experience do you have in the Industry?

Investing in a roofing project not only extensive research but also the time in finding the right company for your project. Hence, you should ask the metal roofing company about their experience in the industry. Many new companies shut down lack of proper knowledge of prices and total cost involved in a project. Initially, they will offer you cheaper prices, but end up suffering huge losses. This is where an experienced company will avoid offering cheap prices. Moreover, good roofing companies are experienced in offering reasonable prices. Experienced roofing companies exhibit professionalism and experience from day one when you sit and discuss project details with them.

Do you provide a Warranty?

Good roofing companies always carry a warranty on their product. They will offer you two kinds of warranties, one is for your product, and the other one for their workmanship. So, you also should ask your metal roofing company what kind of warranties they are carrying with them. They are likely to offer somewhere between 10-25 years of warranty on their product and workmanship. Sometimes, they might offer you a lifetime warranty on your roof.