5 tips for making your concrete patio last longer

Concrete patios transform your outdoor living into a luxury space. It allows everyone to entertain, gather, or have a snack or enjoy a book. However, the downside is it is vulnerable to extremes, such as hot and cold temperatures, snow, rain, and hail. There will be cracks appearing over time, and it will expand, causing the concrete to crumble. 

Well-cared concrete patios last for two/three decades. The durability of the long-term of a patio is in the way you maintain it.  Add years to concrete surfaces and the patio functionality. Here are 5 tips to make a concrete patio last longer:

1. Give more time for concrete curing

Concrete curing is a must. It dries best in warm temperatures, so schedule your patio construction during warm temperatures. The concrete curing is optimal and is desirable. Proper curing allows concrete to harden. It has chemical reactions that help the cement to bind within. The cement and water reaction is known as hydration, and it generates heat allowing the concrete to dry. 

It is best to allow at least seven days for the concrete to cure. Bear in mind to keep away heavy equipment and vehicles off the surface for 30 days, at least. 

5 tips for making your concrete patio last longer2. Maintenance

Maintenance is essential. It improves the concrete patio’s longevity with regular upkeep. The maintenance includes: 

  • Cleaning is a must. Without cleaning, the soil, water, and contaminants with high mineral content erode the concrete. Use a pressure washer or a garden hose featuring a spray attachment to clear debris and dirt every week. Treat stubborn spills with liquid soap and scrub with a broom the concrete before giving a water spray.
  • Sealing the cracks helps to extend the patio’s life. Sealing prevents oil, dirt, and grease from stains. It also stops snow, water, and ice from going below the surface or causes damage during freeze cycles. A sealer avoids flaking, cracking, and scaling. Use a roller, brush, or household broom and keep your concrete patios looking new. 

3. Repair Damage

Repairing the damage is a must as it is prone to additional deterioration. Clean the surface first and then repair the damage. Brush loose material and apply a sealant using a caulking gun.

4. Seasonal Preparation

Power washing once in a few months is essential. Yet providing seasonal preparation is a must: 

  • Apply a patio sealer annually. The permeability leaves your patio prone to ice, water entry, and salt erosion. Reapplying sealer is best when the sheen starts disappearing or if the color fades.
  • Ensure water drain by cleaning the downspouts and gutters from your roof.

5. Install a Patio Covering

Providing the concrete patio’s roof a cover offers full shade. The cover protects sound systems, televisions, and other equipment. With patio covering, add sliding doors, retractable shades, and ceiling fans.

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