How do I prepare my HVAC for winter?

As you are getting ready for winter, check if your HVAC system is in optimal condition. Arranging a proper maintenance program will enhance your experience and will save enormous amounts of money towards repairs and replacement issues.

If you follow these below HVAC maintenance tips, you might save yourself from breakdowns and expensive repairs.

How do I prepare my HVAC for winter?Clean the filters

In the summer, your air conditioner is in continuous running mode. As you are getting ready for the winters, check if your filters need a change. Your HVAC sucks vast amounts of dirt and dust during its running. This dirt then creates congestion in the filter and results in breaking down of the system. A dirty filter is likely to add to the inefficiency of the system. So, check with your HVAC maintenance operator every month, and if it’s not in proper condition, then get it replaced immediately. You also need to keep in mind to have a backup of the filter in case you are not finding the replacement immediately.

Switch on at least three times a week still when the temperatures are mild

Keep your system on, even when the temperatures are still mild outside. No homeowner wants to switch on the system during the coldest day of the month, only to find out it isn’t functioning properly. A lot of issues may arise during the off-season, like squirrels and critters getting inside the furnace, and stuck in the ventilators. So, call your HVAC maintenance professionals to keep a tab on these problems so it won’t trouble you afterward.

Carrying out a visual inspection

Irrespective of your location of the furnace, it is sometimes ideal to inspect before the onset of the winter, and the following seasons thereafter. Contact your HVAC maintenance professional if you are finding it difficult to access.

Start by getting rid of everything that is nearby the heating area. The ideal is to clear out obstacles anything close to over 3 feet. No homeowner wants draping around the furnace or obstacles to lie around the furnace. Further, you need to clear out the stuff that is nearby the furnace so it becomes easy for the furnace to breathe. Proper airflow ensures smooth function and your HVAC system will run in optimal condition.

Fix a maintenance program once every month

Do you know that your furnace emits dangerous gases for producing heat? These are potential threats to you and your family members, and the best recommendation is to stay away from these gases. You don’t mess around with it. Getting a visual inspection once every month will not only ensure that the systems run in optimal condition but also it is safe and effective.

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