5 Must Haves Features For Your Custom Home

Who doesn’t dream of a beautiful home? When you shop around for a home, you may like certain features of the house and don’t like the others. If you get the opportunity to build a custom house then nothing can be better. Here are some must-have features for your custom home.

5 Must Haves Features For Your Custom Home

Spray home insulation

Before thinking about the aesthetic features of the house, you should think of ways to reduce your energy bills. Spray home insulation is one of the ways to do so. It may look like a huge investment initially, but you will save a lot of money on your energy bills in the long run.

Heated floors

If you live in the cooler areas, then having a heated floor will give you a feeling of luxurious living. Coils will be installed under your floor bed and whenever you feel like getting some warmth around the house, you just need to turn on a switch. You will enjoy walking barefoot on the warm floor, especially while having a shower in the bathroom on a winter day.

Custom shelving

You should have adequate storage space in your custom house. You can utilize the space well by building shelves to store your books and other things. You can use the corners to build vertical shelves where you can keep your belongings.

Laundry room upstairs

If your laundry room is upstairs that it will be very convenient for you to wash your clothes. You won’t need to go up and down every time you have to wash your clothes. You can have a big laundry room so that it is easy for you to load and unload the clothes in the washing machine and then dry them.


A mudroom is a common feature in many modern houses today. It’s a room near the garage where you keep things that you need when going out. You can keep the shoes here after coming from outside. You can store your umbrella, jacket, and other essentials you need when you go out. You can have a bench there so that you can sit there in case it suddenly rains or snows when you are about to get out.

You must hire a custom home builder to design your custom home. An experienced custom home builder will know about the modern features of houses and can suggest features that you can include in your custom house. 

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