5 Best Tips for Condo Renovations

Are you thinking about renovating your condo? You are in the right place! We know that most people are concerned about this due to the limited space a condo has. Still, our designers think you can make the best out of condo renovations by following the next tips to improve a condo. Read on to find out what our experts recommend!

5 Best Tips for Condo Renovations1. Get yourself acquainted with condo renovation rules

Indeed, you can renovate a condo. But before you start this project, you should learn more about condo renovation rules. Ask your building’s board for additional information on this, and make sure you request everything you might need! For example, your builders might require using the elevators to carry some equipment. In this case, you’ll have to submit a form with the board and inform them about it.

2. Relocate during condo renovations

Another thing you can do to make the best out of your condo renovation is to consider staying somewhere else. We do believe this is the best approach since the condo space is relatively small. Besides, your builders will be able to work without stopping for you to move from room to room.

3. Start with kitchen improvements

When planning a condo renovation, you should always start with the kitchen. Our experts say this is the focal point of any condo, and it needs extra attention from your part. Make sure you focus on using the walls as storage solutions. But don’t back up from including a huge island in the middle. This can be a versatile addition to your condo’s kitchen since it can be used to cook and serve dinner.

4. A minimalist approach is always the best

A condo renovation shouldn’t be about adding more stuff. Instead, it would be best if you focused on a minimalist approach. This means that the less furniture you’ll have, the more stylish your condo will be. We recommend you consider decorative pieces with built-in storage. Also, using the walls for creating shelves and storage spaces can help you keep your condo rooms clean and clutter-free.

5. Consider asking a designer for help

Of course, it might seem like make the best out of your condo’s space is a challenge. But for this, you can always ask a designer for help. He or she will guide you through the process and will suggest the best condo renovation approaches for your situation. This can mean anything from furniture, door handles to choosing flooring!


So, these are our experts’ top best tips for condo renovations. There are many other useful suggestions you can get, so we encourage you to discuss it with a condo designer. Sometimes having help can make you see the renovation project from a new perspective!

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