How to Stop Mold Growth in House

If you’re concerned about water damage restoration, this article is for you! You can avoid serious renovation projects with some professional tips for controlling mold. And since we’re here to help you, we’ve shared up next our insights on how to stop mold growth in your home. Let’s see what you can do to keep your family safe from severe health problems caused by mold growth.

How to stop mold growth in houseTop tips for controlling mold

1. Dry your laundry outside

Drying your clothes inside the house leads to condensation. And condensation is the leading cause of mold. So, if you want to prevent mold growth, you can start by drying your laundry outside or in a room in which you can keep the window open at all times.

2. Avoid smoking indoors

Did you know that smoking indoors can decrease the quality of indoor air? Well, it can also promote mold growth, which is why the best top for controlling indoor mold is to avoid smoking inside your home. Keep in mind that even burning a candle can release smoke and lead to proper mold growth conditions.

3. Detox your household

Your home’s indoor environment can take a toll on the chemicals present in hairsprays, household cleaners, or even air-fresheners. So, if you want to keep mold at bay, the best tip you can use is to air your house daily. In this way, you will clear the air inside and control mold.

4. Watch for dust mites

Each house owner knows that dust mites and debris appear in damp and moldy indoor conditions. So, to prevent this issue, you can make sure your interior has adequate ventilation and relatively high humidity. Also, bedding, carpets, and cushions should be cleaned frequently. Don’t forget about your mattresses, which need to be flipped regularly to remove dust mites.

5. Install a dehumidifier

Another useful tip for controlling mold is to install a dehumidifier. It is your ally for keeping your basement damp, but at the same time, it can diminish indoor humidity in your kitchen and bathroom. Keep in mind that it is best to keep your windows close when you use a dehumidifier or an air conditioning system.

The bottom line

We all know that water damage restoration can turn out to be an expensive task. Still, following the tips for controlling mold we mentioned above, can help you keep up the quality of your indoor air. Also, if there is any water damage to your home, we highly encourage you to consider professional help. In this way, you will make sure your home is adequately dried, and there are less mold-prone conditions to worry about.

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