Should I replace my kitchen cabinets or re-face them?

Are you tired of the look of your kitchen cabinets? Do you want to change the look of your kitchen cabinets? Are you unsure if to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets? Do not worry; read this write-up to know the best between replacement or cabinet refacing.

Should I replace my kitchen cabinets or re-face them?

Cabinet Refacing Versus Replacement

Cabinet refacing involves changing the kitchen cabinet’s appearance by installing new doors, drawer fronts, and veneering cabinet boxes. 

Cabinet replacement is the removal of the existing kitchen cabinet and installing new cabinets. 

The two options are reasonable, depending on what you want and the cabinet’s present condition in your kitchen. 

What You Need to Know About Cabinet Refacing

Before you choose to reface your existing kitchen cabinets, understand the following:

  1. The cabinet should be in good condition in terms of structure and quality.
  2. The kitchen layout will remain the same after cabinet refacing
  3. Cabinet refacing is not necessarily cheaper than cabinet replacement
  4. Except the cabinet is still in a great structural and physical condition, refacing it may not be more durable than a new set of the cabinet. 

Cabinet refacing focuses on changing the doors of the existing cabinet, which can take some time to complete because of searching for matching wood quality, colors, hinges, etc. This will undoubtedly affect the project’s timeline. However, cabinet refacing remains a better choice if your cabinets are still in good condition.

Why Cabinet Replacement May Be Better 

Here are some reasons replacing your kitchen cabinet may be more appealing than cabinet refacing. 

1. New Kitchen Layout

If you are undertaking kitchen remodeling, replacing the existing kitchen cabinet is the best option because the old cabinet may not suit the new layout.

2. Damage to Existing Cabinet

Refacing a damaged cabinet will only cover the aesthetics feature of the cabinet – its functionality may not be improved. Refacing will not fix the rusting or rotten state of an old cabinet.

3. Varying Style and Colors

If your kitchen cabinet is of a vintage style or finish, it may difficult to find matching style or color to reface it. Consequently, cabinet replacement will be most appropriate. 


From the above, you can easily choose between cabinet refacing and replacement. Consider the benefits that each of the options offers and the time you expect to complete the project. Whether you want cabinet refacing or replacement, ensure to hire a professional for the best value for your money. 

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