How Can I Get More Sunlight In My House?

It is no secret that a brighter home is more inviting and uplifting, so it is no surprise that one of the more popular questions we get here at Real Estate Kings is: What are some ways to increase sunlight in my house? To answer this question, we look to your windows. After all your windows are the primary entry point for natural light into your home.

How Can I Get More Sunlight In My House?

Having clean windows will allow maximum sunlight to enter your home. The built-up grime and dirt on the outside of your windows acts as a barrier, reflecting the sun’s rays away from entering your home. You should clean both the outside and inside of your windows at least once every three months, a dry cloth and glass cleaner will do the trick. If you have condensation on your windows, it’s a good idea to dry your windows as soon as you see it (normally occurs in the early morning). Not only can the resting water cause damage to your frames, but the condensation acts as a barrier to natural sunlight, blocking it from entering your home. If the condensation is on the inside or outside of your windows, this normally isn’t an issue. But, if the condensation is in between windows panes, this means there is a defect in the window and you should look into window replacement options.

Window coverings are a key component when it comes to a room’s ambiance. Your curtains and blinds can help pull a room together and even add a bit of colour to a room. However, we often find that these coverings will block anywhere from a third to half of your window. This blocks natural light from entering your home. Try to always have your curtains pulled back and blinds pulled up during the day. You can always set them the way you like at night or if you have guests.

Bulky furniture, such as couches should never be right up against your windows as they will also block the light from entering your home. When planning your interior decorations, look to have bulky items situated away from your windows. Also, consider a few well-placed mirrors to reflect light deeper into your home.

If you have tried all of these techniques and you are still not satisfied with the amount of natural light entering your home, you may need to look for other options to brighten up your space. Replacing light bulbs with those that provide a crisp white light will help brighten up your space, a well placed lamp will also help with getting light to the back of a room or in corners that may be naturally dark.

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