When Should You Replace Your Windows and Doors?

If you are a homeowner you probably have a list of home improvement items you would like to eventually complete. Some items on this list are like to have upgrades, some need to have upgrades, and others are must fix items that just can’t wait. Depending on the situation, replacing your windows and doors can fall into any of the three categories.

When Should You Replace Your Windows and Doors?

To help answer the question “Why replace your windows and doors” we put together a list of the most common motives.

1. Emergency Replacement

Perhaps the most pressing reason to replace your windows and doors is unexpected damage. It’s a scene that has played out in countless movies, the neighbourhood kids are playing stickball out front and all of a sudden CRASH a ball goes through the window and ends up in your living room. The accident that led to your broken window or door may not be as dramatic as a movie scene, but none the less these accidents happen all the time, and replacing the broken window or door is really the only option.

2. Wear and Tear

If you have difficulty opening or closing your windows or doors you feel drafts coming in from around the frames or your energy bills have spiked are all indications that your windows and doors are not operating optimally. Most windows and doors have a life span of roughly 20 years, chances are if they are not operating as they once did you are getting close to the end of their life span. Looking into replacement options now will give you time to do some research and choose the best replacement windows and doors for your needs.

3. Looking for an Update

Your windows and doors have a big effect on your home’s aesthetics. If you are considering changing the exterior look of your home, then replacement windows and doors can help with that fresh new look you are trying to achieve. When replacing your windows and doors you gain more than just a new look, but they will help boost the value of your home, and depending on the efficiency of your new windows and doors you should benefit from decreased energy bills.

4. Out with the Old

If your home is equipped with single pane or older rotting wood windows and doors, you should look to replace these outdated products for new ones. The new windows will be more efficient and the saving from your reduced energy bills will help you recoup on your investment.

If you are considering replacing your windows or doors as part of your next home improvement project, we suggest not taking on the job yourself unless you have above-average carpentry and renovation experience. If you don’t fall into this category, make sure you look for an experienced contractor that specializes in windows and doors. Even the best quality replacement windows and doors can perform poorly if they are not installed correctly.

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