How Can I Maximize My Condo Space?

The square footage of an apartment doesn’t really matter if the space is not usable. Getting the most out of your condo space can take some creativity and ingenuity, but there are a few key ways to maximize your condo space that anyone can use to their advantage.

How Can I Maximize My Condo Space?

Staying organized and reducing clutter is probably the most important piece in utilizing the space available in your condo. Filling a small space with stuff isn’t hard, and we are not saying to not get things that make you happy. Just ensure everything you have, has a place. Using your kitchen countertop for keys, bills, and other random items reduce that space for use in its actual function of meal prep and perhaps consumption. It’s not very difficult to clear out the clutter, start by looking at the items you already have, and ask when was the last time you used it? If you don’t remember, it’s time to get rid of it. For the items you do need, find a designated spot to store them, preferably off the floor.

Built-in storage solutions and closet organisers are a great way to utilize your space while providing efficient storage solutions and increasing the value of your condo. Shelving is a great way to increase your storage space but can also help with making your apartment seem larger. Installing shelves above eye level will help elongate your walls while utilizing space that is normally forgotten about. Shelves don’t need to be used for just photos, books, and standard decorations. If shoes are a passion of yours why not display several of your favourite pairs of shoes. This makes them accessible and clears up space in the closet for your daily runners.

Look for dual purpose furniture, especially those that have built-in storage. A bed frame with drawers underneath or storage in the headboard is great for hiding any nonessential items, a trunk that doubles as a coffee table or nightstand afford you additional hidden space to stash a winter blanket or sporting goods. A sofa bed of futon turns your living room into a guest room for out of town guests.

Having a bright open condo helps create the illusion of a larger space. Employing a few well-placed mirrors can help reflect natural light throughout your condo and utilizing light paint colours will assist with making space feel larger. White paint on its own can make a room feel brighter and will allow your furniture and accent pieces to stand out as the focal points in the room.

If a condo renovation is in the plan, think of your kitchen and bathroom layouts. Moving the location of appliances or perhaps plumbing can provide a better flow and increase the efficiency of the room. Maximize storage space but looking at the floor to ceiling cabinetry as well as new space saving innovations made for the condo market, like countertop inserts that fit over your sink to offer additional counter space for entertaining.

Maximizing your condo space begins with keeping your condo organized, neat, and clutter-free. Doing so does not take up a lot of time leaving you more time to entertain friends and family. Making the most out of your condo space really is the key to comfortable living.

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