How Do I Show My House To Potential Buyers?

Real estate showings are a very important part of the home buying and home selling process. Showings give potential buyers the opportunity to see and experience your home in person. This will ultimately decide whether or not somebody wants to buy your property. A negative first impression can result in dollars off a full asking price or discourage a potential buyer from making an offer. To generate the best first impression and increase your chances of receiver offers, here are 5 tips from real estate agents on how to show your home to buyers:

1. Detach Yourself

The most important step to selling a home is to emotionally separate from the house and the objects within. It’s important to embrace the idea that your house is a commodity that needs to be sold. Letting go of the emotional connections will make you more objective about any necessary changes and be more open to buyer feedback.

2. Clean Up

Make sure your home is clean. This is one of the biggest complaints real estate agents hear. Get your floors mopped, windows wiped, and carpets steamed. Do a quick walk-through before a showing. Don’t overlook little details such as dust bunnies, toothpaste remnants, and crumbs on the table.

3. De-Odourize

Aside from making sure your home is clean, make sure it also smells clean too. Air out the home with air purifiers or open windows to diffuse pet, musty, and cooking odours. However, beware of candles, air fresheners, and strong spray scents. Go for comforting smells such as fresh flowers, baking bread, and brewing coffee.

4. Remove Sight Line Impairments

Remember that you are looking to sell the space and finishes of your house and not your personal property. You should remove sight line impairments by eliminating items like toys, bath products, and small appliances that stop the eye and make spaces look smaller. For example, small bathrooms will look bigger without rugs.

5. Be Prepared

Be prepared by having certificates, guarantees, and documentation ready. This will help to speed up the process once your sale has been instructed. You’ll be ready to answer difficult questions that potential buyers may throw at you. Some examples of questions may include how old is the property, which fence boundaries belong to who, and what are the average costs of your utility bills.

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