What Is A Energy Efficient Window?

What Is A Energy Efficient Window?

In simple terms, an energy-efficient window is a special type of window that is designed to help you reduce the use of artificial cooling and heating system in your home, office or other structures. It is worthwhile to note that both windows and doors can be energy-efficient.

However, this post will focus on the windows. The rave about energy-efficient items started a few decades ago. This has led to the production of windows that are capable of insulating cold and heat in multiple folds than the regular windows can do.

How does an energy-efficient window work?

Considering the fact that an energy-efficient window has a similar appearance as a conventional window, it can be difficult to differentiate them. Basically, the components of energy-efficient windows are responsible for how they work as well as the difference between them and the conventional ones.

Let’s take a look at the basic components of energy-efficient windows.

Spacer system

Conventional windows usually utilize metals as their window insulation. However, this is not the case with energy-efficient windows as the majority of them use polymer structural foam. This foam gets rid of condensation build-up and increases the thermal efficiency of your windows.

Glass coating

Sun rays contribute significantly to the amount of heat coming into your home. Fortunately, energy-efficient windows and doors deal with these rays through the use of Low-emissivity glass. Otherwise called Low-E glass, Low-emissivity glass has the ability to block 90% of sun rays. During the colder months, this unique glass will trap the heat inside your home. And when the weather is hot, it will prevent the heat from getting inside.

Multiple panes

Most of the older windows have a single pane, which performs poorly when it comes to regulating the effect of external temperature on the internal part of your home. Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, boast of having multiple panes. Double-paned glass windows can block about 90% of UV rays whereas triple-paned glass windows can block 97% of sun rays. Therefore, they ensure that your home or office feels comfortable throughout the year irrespective of the weather. Besides, multiple paned glass windows also help in ensuring that the flooring, furniture, and other items inside your home do not fade easily and quickly.

Gas technology

Furthermore, some energy-efficient windows have spaces found between their insulated glasses. These glasses are filled up with krypton or argon gas. This gas is inert and nontoxic; so, you can be certain that it does not pose any health or safety problem for you or your household. With the aid of the gas, the windows will lower the transfer of heat. Overall, this gas technology will make sure that your home is kept comfortable.

Window seals

A bad window seal can be the main point for cool or hot air to come into or leave your apartment. Luckily, energy-efficient windows have dealt with this issue as they usually have excellent window seals that can regulate the inflow or outflow of cool or hot air in your building.

Knowing the meaning of energy-efficient windows and doors is not enough, you need to install them in your home to enjoy their benefits.

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