How Do You Know When Your Boiler Needs To Be Replaced Sooner Rather Than Later?

Regular boiler service and maintenance are the best way to keep your boiler working effectively all through its life span. However, some signs are pointing to the fact that your boiler needs replacement as soon as possible. Read this article further to know when to replace your boiler. Here are the signs:

The Boiler Is Over 15 Years Old

Although you can extend the life span of your boiler through regular boiler service, you should consider replacing your boiler as soon as it is more than 15 years old. Technology will have advanced beyond the level used to manufacture the boiler, and the cost of boiler service may be overwhelming. Considering the extra care that the boiler will require to keep working optimally, purchasing a new boiler will be a better option.

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Reduction in Energy Efficiency

If your boiler’s energy efficiency reduces, you should be planning to replace your boiler, regardless of the quality of the boiler service you give to the boiler. Usually, the boiler’s energy efficiency rating ranges from A to G (90% to 70%). If the energy efficiency of your boiler drops from A (90%) to a lower rating, you need to replace your boiler soon.

Yellow Flames

Your boiler should have a blue flame and not a yellow flame. A yellow flame indicates that your boiler emits carbon monoxide. Call for a boiler service as soon as you notice yellow flame, as it is dangerous and may be fatal.

Failure to Heat Up Quickly

If your boiler does not heat up quickly any longer like before, it has lost its efficiency. You should feel hot air within some seconds of turning on your boiler. If it takes several minutes for your boiler to heat up, you should be preparing to replace it.

Rising Costs of Fuel

If the cost of fueling your boiler keeps increasing, the chances are that your boiler is wasting fuel through its loss of efficiency. If boiler service cannot fix this inefficiency, replacing your boiler should be next in your plan.

Frequent Repairs

If your boiler keeps breaking down and repairs and boiler service more frequently, you should know that it is high time you replaced your boiler.

Lack of Replacement Parts

If the essential replacement parts of your boiler are no longer produced, there is no way you can continue using the boiler without hassles. You would need boiler service and replacement of some parts to make it work efficiently. If it is becoming impossible to get replacement parts, you should replace the boiler soon.

The above points are some of the signs that you should change your boiler soon, irrespective of the quality of service given to it.

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