5 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

5 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

It’s usually enviable to have a home that is more energy-efficient. Many people want this for different reasons; they want to contribute to a green planet or want to reduce the numbers of their electricity bill. Keeping a more energy-efficient home does not have to be so difficult. If you’ve been on the lookout for how to achieve an efficient home, here are five ways to achieve this:

Replacing Windows and Doors

One of the most overlooked ways of making a home more energy efficient is by replacing the windows and doors. If you cannot replace them, do well to seal air leaks around and in the windows and doors in your home. Be sure to add weather-stripping around the window frames if your windows are drafty. Then if you notice cracks in your drywall and doors, apply a bead of silicone caulk. You can also add a sheet of shrink film on the windows. Replacing or sealing gaps in windows and doors makes it difficult for heat to penetrate.


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Install A Programmable Thermostat

Sure by now you’ll know that the thermostat is the control center of your home’s heating and cooling system. It determines whether your home’s furnace needs to be on full-blast, or completely turned off when the house is warm enough. A programmable thermostat lets you make changes that can save energy on a long term basis.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Although this tip might seem basic, it is vital. A significant amount of energy goes into our bulbs. So, before picking a new bulb for your home, ascertain if you want to use the traditional bulb or a fluorescent modern lamp. Rather than an incandescent bulb go for a curli-cue bulb because it saves energy and money.

Cool Steel Roofing

A cool roof absorbs less heat and reflects more sunlight than the standard roof. This cool roof is 50 degrees F cooler than a conventional shingled roof. It reduces energy bills because you won’t need the air conditioner frequently. It also reduces roof temperature and helps to improve the lifespan of your home roof.

Change Your Habits

You have to make your home more energy-efficient; you have to make a deliberate effort. The reason being is that you have the power to regulate the heat. You should opt for a smaller television rather than a bigger one. You should also make a conscious effort to put off the light when you leave your room or our home. You can also put on a sweater if you feel hot rather than turning on the heat. All these and more will help you save energy. 

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