5 Upgrades to Increase Your Condo’s Market Value

5 Upgrades to Increase Your Condo's Market Value

Condo renovation may be targeted at improving the overall curb appeal of your condo, give it a new look, create more storage space, or enhance its market value. Whatever may be your reason for upgrading your condo, know that several factors can impact the market value of your condo. You must undertake particular condo renovations to enhance the value of your property. Do not think that all condo renovations are costly, the condo renovation ideas shared below can be carried out without breaking the bank, and they guarantee high ROI.

Here are five upgrades to increase your condo’s market value:

Bathroom Upgrade

The first condo renovation that is worth carrying out to increase the market value of your condo is the bathroom upgrade. Give the bathroom the update it deserves as the first place to start each new day. Replace outdated faucets with modern and efficient faucets, add a functional showerhead, bring in a glass shower, replace the bathtub, and lots more. You would successfully increase your condo’s market value.

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Upgrade the Flooring

Another condo renovation you can invest in to increase your condo’s market value is the upgrade of your property’s flooring. Installing hardwood flooring will add a magical shine to your home’s floor and improve the overall appeal of the condo’s interior. Maple, oak, and cherry are the most popular hardwood choices available.

Appliances Upgrade

Potential buyers are usually attracted to modern appliances in any property placed on the market. And because of the competition brought about by new builds, upgrading the devices in your home is an essential condo renovation to increase your condo’s market value and make it stand a chance among several properties on the market. Replace the single sink in your kitchen with a double sink, and replace the appliances in your kitchen with the latest models. 

Improve the Storage 

One of the challenges of condos is storage. To make your condo attractive to prospective buyers, you should consider implementing a condo renovation that includes creating effective storage solutions such as bringing in cabinetry, wall shelves, an effective closet system, and dividers that will take care of clutters and make your property look spacious.

Windows and Doors

Replacing the windows and doors in your condo is another useful condo renovation project that will increase the market value of your condo. Installing modern windows and doors will give your condo a modern look and enhance its curb appeal. Undertaking this project will provide the value of your condo a boost.

Getting the best value for your property is essential. As a result, investing in a condo renovation with high ROI will boost your chances of getting the best value for your condo.

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