How Long Do Home Windows Last?

How Long Do Home Windows Last?

Just as anything in our homes, windows don’t last forever. However, some will last longer than others. This mainly depends on four factors: quality of material, installation process, maintenance and weather conditions.

Luckily, we can control three of these. This is why before shopping for new windows, you should do careful research and get a deeper insight into the matter. The 5 steps to choosing replacement windows are:

  • Listing personal preferences
  • Doing research on several topics
  • Choosing the perfect material
  • Choosing the perfect style
  • Contacting the right windows and doors company

To get a good start on your research, here is everything you should know about windows and lifespans:

The Factors

We already mentioned the four most important factors, now we will explain them in detail. Each material has its own characteristics, including durability and efficiency. For instance, aluminum framing isn’t suitable for homes near seas and oceans since it corrodes when in contact with salt.

Wood is an amazing insulator, but is still vulnerable to rot fire and pesticide. Installing wooden framed windows in rainy or fire-prone areas can prove to be dangerous. So even if we cannot control weather conditions, we can still learn which materials are suitable for the environment we live in.

Additionally, you should do research on required maintenance. If you aren’t keen on frequent clean-ups than look for materials that don’t need much attention like fiberglass and vinyl.

The quality of installation doesn’t depend on us, however, we can try to pick the adequate windows and doors company that focuses on quality above everything else. Professional contractors will also make sure to provide you with the best materials out there.

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The Numbers

Even though lots of factors influence a window’s lifespan, there are still some rules which apply. Each material is expected to last a certain number of years. The top materials with the longest lifespans are fiberglass and vinyl.

If you choose the right manufacturers and installer, they can even reach the age of 50. Wood is fighting for the lead, but because of its sensitivity, it typically lasts 25 to 35 years. The worse material is aluminum which can barely reach 18 years of age.

Remember that these numbers shouldn’t be taken for granted since they depend on tons of factors, mainly the quality of manufacturing and installation.

What To Choose

Choosing a window entirely on your own isn’t recommended at all. Of course, unless you are a professional window contractor. As materials, each home is different. Wood may look good for your exterior aesthetics, but it might not work well with the weather conditions you live in.

For every problem, there is a solution. For instance, fiberglass can imitate wood aesthetically so this way you will get the look of your dreams and plus the highest quality and efficiency. Always ask for second opinions and don’t compromise!

Best of luck with your window shopping spree!

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