6 Money Saving Tips You Need to Follow

6 Money Saving Tips You Need to Follow

Saving money at any given opportunity is a good habit that can be learned. You can be saving from every task you engage on if you look closely. And saving money can be a regular practice. If you have been going through a load time learning how to be saving money consistently, here are 6 powerful money saving tips you need to follow and watch your savings grow to your amazement.

Make a Budget

To create a practical budget, you have to know how much you likely spend in a month. To achieve this, always record your expenses on newspapers, coffees, snacks, running expenses at home, mortgage etc. Factor in all expenses into your monthly income. Meanwhile, examine all the expenses to remove unnecessary items that do not improve your living condition. Create a feasible monthly budget and make an allowance for saving.

Create a Savings Plan

After you have provided for all necessary expenses in your budget, you have to create a realistic savings plan. Decide to always save 10-15 percent of your income. You may have to cut down on expenses on entertainment, dining out, and other items or events that are not crucial to your well-being. Another approach to this tip is to save on a regular expense of on an item you can do without.

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Create a Need to Save For

One way to encourage saving is to set a goal, a need that will compel you to save for regularly. It may be a down payment for a house, vacation, car, child’s education, retirement, home remodeling. The need to achieve your goal will motivate you to save regularly.

Use Automatic Savings

All banks now provide automated transfer from one account to another. Authorize your bank to make an automated transfers from your checking or savings account to another account you specially open to save for a particular goal. This will reduce the temptation to lavish the money you should save. Another tip is to open a TFSA account.


Discipline is crucial to achieve your plan. Whether you want to save manually or you want to use the automated saving method via your bank, you should be disciplined to follow your plan irrespective of how tempting it feels to derail from your plan. Stay guided to your plan by following the tips given here and you will be able to save consistently.

Debt Consolidation

High interest on credit cards can derail your savings plan. By consolidating this debt into a low interest debt, such as a line-of-credit or building it into your mortgage can save hundreds if not thousands on an annual basis. Debt consolidation is definitely a strategy to integrate into your money saving plan.

With the above tips, you will be able to develop a new habit.  Avoid stressing out when you have an obligation by saving ahead of time.

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